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Rebecca & the Spiral Staircase
I've Been Here Before

Rebecca is far from your average 21st-century girl.
She is an old soul and rather than be on her mobile phone, prefers to sit in the woods sketching imaginative worlds. Often, those around her refer to Rebecca as a “second-timer.” As her grandmother often says, “even the way you speak suggests you’ve been here before.”
When the family moves to an old manor house up by the lakes in the English countryside, although she misses the old house, she soon delights in her new surroundings and sets off exploring the vast grounds.
While digging around in an ancient wood, she finds a large Victorian key.
Believing the key had been waiting for her, she sets of searching for its rightful home.
After trying every keyhole, she comes across a derelict summerhouse.
Sure enough, the key fits, and entering this ramshackle building, she unearths a spiral staircase, hidden away for generations.
Climbing the dust-laden stairs, she ventures up into the darkness.
Arriving at a door, her fearlessly inquisitive nature takes over, and fumbling around in the pitch black, opens the door.
The door pulls from her grip, and slams shut, and the room fills with sunlight.
Frozen to the spot, seconds later, she hears an unfamiliar female voice call her name.
Inexplicably, she’s stepped back 150 years into the history of the old manor house.
Now in the midst of a three-way love triangle, she rallies to the aid and the beautiful, but estranged lady of the house, Meredith.
Only tomorrow will tell if her intervention was right, or if she’s inexplicably derailed history.
This is the first of many journeys into the past for this valiant young girl, all with one destiny, right past wrongs.
Follow Rebecca into her adult years through five volumes of time-twisting adventures.


Rebecca - A Way Back

Volume 2: Rebecca – A Way Back

Rebecca is a little older now, and after her first year at university, common sense rears its ugly head a little too often for her liking.  She finds herself applying rational thinking to all that life offers, and this includes her previous meetings with Meredith and the information within the three boxes.

What university could not teach her was how to prepare for what was about to happen.  Again, all balanced thinking was going to tumble into a world beyond common sense.

Rebecca - Beyond all Reason

Volume 3: Rebecca – Beyond all Reason

Follow Rebecca as she travels into the future and witnesses our planet devoid of human life.  She learns that mankind has been wiped out by its own relentless destruction of the environment.

Mother Nature though is thriving, albeit without mankind.

Rebecca now faces an epic voyage of discovery, which takes her right back to the “cradle of civilisation” where her story unfolds.

On her journey through the ages, she meets other time-fixers of her making. All though have failed to stop the unrelenting greed-clock from derailing humanity.

It now falls to Rebecca to change our thinking.

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Book no.3
Book no.2
Book no.1
Book no.4
Book no.5
Book no.6

Rebecca - Another Dimension

Volume 4: Rebecca – Another Dimension

Setting: Tomorrow

After Rebecca had affectively changed our understanding of global warming, she was certain her jaunts into the past or future were over and her destiny fulfilled.

Now happily married and with two young girls, her focus was on family life.

Then one cold February morning, the disappearance of her six-year-old daughter, sent her life spiraling down a path of anguish.

Her intrepid, fearless nature immediately took over, suggesting she could journey back through time and prevent this painful event from ever happening.

Stepping into the unknown, and through the ages of humankind, she soon realised for every good time-fixer of her making, there was an evil antagonist.

She’d always felt her destiny was to prevent history taking a negative direction.  By contrast, she learned, her malevolent counterparts had the opposite purpose.

Establishing a genetic link between a 12th-century time-twister and an unscrupulous gang in her own period sets her on a mission back through the corridors of time.

Can she once more change the pages of history?


Rebecca - The Witching Dark Ages - Volume 6

Setting: Modern Day
After years of inexplicable journeys into the past and beyond, Rebecca is ready for anything
Even so, nothing could have prepared her for what was about to unfold.
Unimaginably, she wakes to find herself locked in a cold, foul-smelling 14th-century witch’s jail.
To confuse her scrambled senses, she’s somehow jumped six centuries while asleep.
She’s not alone in jail though.
Tangling this chaos further, she’s imprisoned with a leading member of the Royal Family, also accused of witchcraft.
Knowing the likely consequences for them both, she must quickly gain this woman’s trust, and plan their escape.
This is the first of many time-altering episodes for Rebecca, all linking to one of history’s most horrific injustices.
With events mysteriously entwined, often centuries apart, she will have to trust her fearless intuition and stay focused.
Adding to her emotional journey, her 12-year-old daughter, Gabrielle says she has spoken with Meredith, Rebecca’s guardian angel. Is Rebecca about to step to one side?
So, where will her next step take her, the past, the future, or somewhere utterly outside the realms of reality?


Rebecca - Back to the Begining - Volume 5

Setting – modern-day – 1827 – and beyond

For 41-year-old Rebecca, life was running in a positive, straightforward direction.  She had two beautiful daughters and a wonderful marriage. 

Ever since the first time she entered the summerhouse, climbed the old spiral staircase, and ended up back in 1853, she had learned to accept the mysterious directions her life could and would follow.  Now though, life was stable, and importantly there were no impending twists afoot.  In fact, she felt she’d fulfilled her life’s destiny.

So, when she entered the secret garden, hoping to see Meredith one last time, she wasn’t expecting any new twists or a change of direction.

Nothing she’d experienced in the past could have prepared her for what was about to happen.  Her heart, mind, and spirit were about to face their biggest test yet.  Every belief she held close was about to cascade into chaos, including where she truly belonged.

Inexplicably, she will find herself at the center of the British Suffrage movement in 1827, forty years prior to this group making headway in Parliament.

This though is just the first step on a path that will lead her to a mystical, world within a world.

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